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We specialized in Korean Crypto Market.

Korean Crypto market is totally different from other countries.

That’s why you need to work with the members who fully understand Korean market. 

We have the most active crypto community in Korea.


From marketing to IEO / KRW pair listing

As a marketing team, we had a lot of experiences for portal site and blog posting including top exposure. We are an optimized team for consulting and marketing in partnership with event groups. We think that applying existing marketing techniques to the blockchain market can provide a more effective and systematic solution than the non-professional group.






Think in a different way

1. Marketing Management

    · Korea market Marketing Vision & strategy development

    · Korean blockchain news daily monitoring / cliping

    · Weekly conference call

    · Monthly report 

2. Community Building
    · Community building (Kakao/ telegram group)

    · event planning / execution 

    · ICO Panteracommunity bounty / airdrop ( > 50k user base) 

    · Kakao/ telegram group management 

      * experienced CM / English support 

3. Content Marketing

    · Basic Viral Marketing 

      - Crypto community posting 

    · SEO service (Project website) 

     - Naver, google, daum(Korean top 3 portal) 

    · Blog SEO

    · Relate search keyword (Naver) 

    · Blog posting - professional blockchain blogger 

4. Media marketing

    · Media article 

     -  Writing, editing and distribution of press releases and media alerts 

     -  Exposure on Korean top newspaper (joongang.joins.com) 

     -  Develop newsworthy topics 

5. Meetup & Conference

    · Arrange Meetup, Conference, Forums, Networking events 

     (Interpreter, Youtube live,Video recoding & editing)




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